Once Upon a Time ‘Lacey’ Review

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This episode of the show may not have gone the way fans would have expected with their favorite fairy tale show “Once Upon A Time”. It was titled “Lacey”. Chica turns out to be the opposite of Belle. Belle in the pre-curse era is compelled to be Rumpel’s servant after he promised her he would protect her kingdom. She is not a happy lady but Rumpel is not a man giving to being kind to people.

The way he treated the thief underscores how rare his sympathies are for others. Rather than hand the man over to the authorities or do the traditionally mean thing of killing him, he decided to keep him holed up and went on to torture him. Belle on her part could not stand it so she helps him escape. But Rumpel while arguing with her over her decision to let the thief go shows what the thief did and the wand, pointing out to her that she can be too gullible.

He then sets out to find the thief and is determined to have him killed in front of Belle. As he went searching for him in the forest, he came about a drunk who turned out to be the Sheriff of Nottingham. He asks whether he has information concerning the thief, the Sheriff offers to help but wants to spend time with Belle in return. The Sheriff got to know who he was dealing with when Rumpel told him that he would release the information in exchange for him keeping his tongue.

According to the Sheriff who was now willing to cooperate, the thief happens to be one Robin Hood. The Beast quickly corners Robin and when he wanted to have him killed, he got to know that Robin stole the wand to cure his ailing and pregnant wife. Belle pleads on his behalf and when Rumpel shoots the arrow that never misses, it missed. Belle is so overwhelmed that she hugs Belle. There may yet be hope with the beast.

When they get back to his castle, he shows her his library. He makes a show of letting her know that he wants it to be kept free of dust always but it is clear that he knows she delighted at the prospect of reading the books. And it is quite nice seeing them together here.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Gold looks to Belle to bring the good in him. He is desperate because his mind has been pre-occupied with killing his grandson, something he seems to be fighting against. But as he gets Belle out of the hospital, her curse identity, Lacey takes over after Regina put her magic to work. Lacey is a party girl and totally different in character to Belle. It was an interesting episode.


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Once Upon a Time ‘Lacey’ Review

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This article was published on 2013/05/03